Performance Rating

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  1. Product Overview

  (1) Product:Performance Rating refers to the use of digital technology expertise to members of the community to perform contractual capacity rating, revealing its performance risk.

  (2) Product users: government, public institutions, enterprises and so on.

  (3) Product Application: The credit information products can be used to judge the performance risk of the counterparty.

  2. Product logic diagram

  The logical structure of the product uses sustainable management capacity and performance capacity analysis. First of all, through the analysis of whether the company has the ability of sustainable management to determine whether they have the basis for performance protection, and then through the core support elements of the company's ability to perform.


  3. Product Element

  (1) Evaluating Sustainable Management Element


  (2)Performance Rating Element


  4. Product Application

  The government or enterprises for the tender management, procurement management, for government or enterprise selection of suppliers to provide basis for decision-making to promote the field of engineering, procurement, bidding the field of credit system construction.