Loan rating

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  1. Product Overview

  (1) Product:the use of digital proprietary technology to the social members of the debt service capacity rating.

  (2)Product users:Bank、 Lenders.

  (3) Product Application: This can be used to judge the credit risk of the borrowing enterprise.

  2. Subject Rating Logic Diagram


  (1) By analyzing the macroscopic institutional environment in which the subject is judged to judge the external environment of the debtor's business activities.

  (2) By analyzing the wealth creation capacity by evaluating the subject to determine their profit earning capacity.

  (3) Through the analysis of the core elements to determine the size and quality of the main source of debt repayment.

  (4) Combined total debt solvency by evaluating the subject, the stock of debt, new debt of the company's overall solvency stars.

  3. Debt rating logic diagram


  First of all, by analyzing whether the assessed debt has sufficient and reliable sources of debt to determine whether it has the basis for reimbursement protection; Then analyze the influence of the core support factors on the solvency of the evaluated deb.

  4. Subject Rating Element


  5. Debt Element


  6. Product Application

  For banks and other financial institutions to borrower credit risk to judge, lending decisions provided advice to banks and other financial institutions reduce the risk of bank internal projects, provide support for corporate finance loan.