Comprehensive Credit Rating

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  1. Product Overview

  (1) Product:the use of digital proprietary technology for all members of society to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of credit behavior,to determine its position in the social credit matrix.

  (2) Product users:governments, individuals, enterprises and industry association、Bank、 Lenders.

  (3) Product Application: can be used to determine the social integrity of a social scale, to meet the government and regulators to individuals and enterprises for credit management needs; can be used to judge the performance risk of the counterparty; Which can be used to judge the credit risk of the borrowing enterprise.

  2. Product logic diagram


  (1)By analyzing historical credit performance of the enterprise, analyze its past activities in the credit performance.

  (2)Through analysis of the core support elements to analyze the enterprise solvency and compliance ability.

  (3)And finally determine the level of the enterprise's comprehensive credit.

  3. Subject rating elements


  4. Product Application

  (1) The product meets the credit needs of the field of the integrity of government affairs、business integrity、social credibility and judicial credibility of the construction. Meanwhile, the product services credit market system, improving the social credit system mechanism, which focused on reward and punishment.

  (2) The government or enterprises for the tender management, procurement management, for government or enterprise selection of suppliers to provide basis for decision-making to promote the field of engineering, procurement, bidding the field of credit system construction.

  (3) For banks and other financial institutions to borrower credit risk to judge,Lending decisions provided advice to banks and other financial institutions,Reduce the risk of bank internal projects,Provide support for corporate finance loan.