Cooperation Projects

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  Cooperation Projects

  Project cooperation is an important way to build the social credit system that Dagong Creditworkswith credit management departments at all levels. In the top-level design of social credit system building, the credit information platform buildingunder the social credit system building and maintenance, specific credit product technology research and development, credit risk screening, enterprise credit management system building, credit training and so on,Dagong Credit has accumulated human resources, technology, knowledge and rich professional experience, throughthe powerful R&D by its professional technical team.

  (1) Partner for Cooperation

  Managers of credit system buildingshould be ministries, credit system building departments of local governments at all levels, industrial or technological parks, business circles, communities and leading enterprises.

  (2) Project type

  A. The top level design scheme in building the social credit system. The top-level design projects of Dagong Credit’s system building is mainly to provide global planning, action plan, implementation plan and building of system and mechanism dimension project cooperation for various provinces and cities, industries, parks, communities, business circles, enterprises in the areas of credit system building, to help credit building departments at all levels and credit management departments in various fields to promote credit system building in the field of their jurisdictions. Currently, Dagong Credit has designed the top-level scheme of credit system building for Yichun, Huangshi, Chaoyang District, Qingdao Chinese-German eco-park and other cities, communities, and parks.

  B. Credit information database building and maintenance. Dagong Credit provides credit information platform planning, building and maintenance, and other services for all levels of administrative regions, industries, parks, communities, business circles and leading enterprises. Dagong designs the credit database system and provides a complete technical architecture and operation path for the collection, management, standardization, and application of the credit information in order to meet the demand of digital management of credit data for governments at all levels.

  C. Customized solutions for credit system building and pattern design for credit building. Dagong Credit provides customized credit system building mode service and improves management means in related fields and credit management of various levels according to the city type, specific industry, country, park, community, business circle, key people in the field of credit risk characteristics and the status of credit risk distribution. At present, Dagong Credit embeds the credit system building of Yichun in the process of transformation of social and economic development and provides customized solutions for transformation of Yichun city development based on present situation of Yichun social economic structure.

  D. Enterprise credit management system building. Dagong Credit provides credit management system and mechanism design for all kinds of enterprises, and builds credit management standard system, credit information database and credit management platform building and serve enterprise credit management from three dimensions of the enterprises, supply chain and employees, based on the enterprise credit management requirements.

  E. Credit risks screening for enterprises in parks and business districts. Based on enterprises credit review demand and credit management requirements of the park, business district management committee to zone located enterprises, Dagong Credit builds up an universal and general technology system for park enterprise credit risk screening according to the characteristics of the logistics enterprise credit risk distribution, and uses the data package model for the park, which is currently applied to Qianhai public security bureau enterprise credit risk screening and Chaoyang CBD enterprise credit risk screening.

  F. Provide customized terminal credit products and services. Dagong Credit developed all kinds of terminal products covering all situations of credit information asymmetry in the society in various fields. These reports can be widely used in the public disclosure of credit records, public enquiry of credit reports, market access, establishment examination and approval, annual inspection, enterprise loan financing, loan body’s internal risk control and so on.

  G. Provide credit counseling and training. Dagong Credit will provide professional training for the government cadres, legal institutions and industry operating personnel and other operating groups for the building of social credit, results using group, credit industry professionals, and ongoing research and development of new materials. In addition, Dagong Credit will cooperate with universities and other scientific research institutions, to jointly train and convey credit system building personnel.