Credit Information Linkage Map

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  1. Product Overview

  (1) Product Definition

  Credit Information Linkage Maps based on the behavior of social members to form corresponding credit information as the carrier of social relations network.

  The map depicts the relationship among the main subjects, the subject and the credit information, the credit information and products. It is the technical basis of the digital analysis of the credit information, the science of products, and the use of the matrix.

  (2) Credit Information Linkage Map Application

  a. The realization of the credit information digital analysis.

  Through importing the credit records into the database and the exchange platform, it is convenient for extract, exchange and use of credit information.

  b. To ensure the scientific credit information products. Describe the relationship between different subjects, subject and credit information, credit information and products to ensure the development and application of credit information products based on the credit relationship network, and identify the effect of various types of credit information on the subject.

  2. The Concept Map of Credit Information Linkage Map

  Credit information is generated by various types of subjects’behavior within social activities.


  3. The Composition of Credit Information Linkage Map

  According to the function, the map can divide into eight main elements: the behavior subject, the characteristic behavior, the data item, the behavior object, the behavior basis, the data source, the data item function and the code. Among them, the data source is the responsibility subject of the data item; the data item function is the bridge, which connects the credit information and the product; the code is the credit information identity code, and it is the foundation of the credit information analysis digitization.

  4. Application of Credit Information Linkage Map

  (1) Credit relationship positioning among social members. The map helps social members locate social subjects that have integrity and credit relationship with themselves or others through the associated relationships.

  (2) Credit risk’s conduction path determination. The risk points of social members spread through the credit relation network. The map can determine the pattern, path, trend and influence range of the risk points.

  (3) Credit or risk assessment of social members. Map helps social institutions comprehensive evaluate the credit or risk degree of social members in the network through the correlation network and the distribution of the risk points.