Credit Information Database

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  1. Product Overview

  (1) Product Definition

  Credit Information Database is an important infrastructure that builds for storing credit information of the entire social subjects under a uniform standard. By satisfying the accountability of building the social credit system, managing social credit and utilizing credit information as goals to classify, count and analyze the credit information of entire social members in different subjects, the database can processes standardized storage by different database clusters.

  (2) Product Application

  By reporting, integrating, counting, standardizing and other statistical data processes to achieve a seamless coverage for social credit information; by storing cities’, industries’, enterprises’ data as three dimensions into their credit files to formulate a dimensional standardized database; by classifying and counting credit information to achieve the classified storage of credit information and assure the informational independency of credit products.

  2. Product Logic Diagram


  3. Product Application

  Credit Information Database is mainly used for credit information inquiry, credit rating, credit auditing, credit internal/external risk control in different subjects, and offering multi-dimensional credit information data by counting, classifying, managing subjects and other ways through Big Data.

  (1)Subject Database

  The credit information is collected in accordance with the sources of credit information and the social credit behavioral subjects. The credit information inquiry is achieved by establishing databases in several areas such as administrative agencies, institutional organizations, social organizations and enterprises.

  (2) Storage Database

  Based on the applicable subjects and scope, Credit Information Storage Database is generated by three dimensions including cities, industries and enterprises.

  (3) Themes Database

  According to the essence of credit information and its service objects, credit information is classified into different themes by recording its using frequencies and application scenarios during practical applications. By formulating credit information databases operation, finance and employee, the searching function and application efficiency of credit information in different themes can be highly improved.

  (4) Credit Product Database

  The data of product information is stored according to its own product categories. Credit product information can be updated and mutual complemented by the results of credit records + credit report products, reputation rating product, default rating product, loan rating product, comprehensive credit rating product and other credit rating products.

  (5) Business Statistics and Analysis Database

  According to the application requirements of credit information such as inquiry, exchange/share, publicity, business processing and social credit management, the data of business processing can be formulated by generating different statistic and analysis databases in resources, exchanges, management, and business services.