Credit Information Exchanging and Sharing Platform

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  1. Product Overview

  (1) Product Definition

  Credit Information Exchange and Sharing Platform is a national credit information exchange and sharing system built in a hierarchy of districts, cities and country. It is the carrier of the national credit information.

  (2)Product Function

  a. Breaking the information island to promote the circulation of information.

  b. Overcoming obstacles to promote information use.

  c. Correcting the contradiction to improve the quality of information.

  2. Product Logic Diagram


  As the medium between the information and the users, the Credit Information Exchange and Sharing Platform classifies, collects and standardizes the decentralized credit data of the main subjects of the three hierarchies, and exchange data in accordance with users’ demand. This structure could form the information flow channels across the main subjects and regions, to achieve the interconnection of credit information.

  3. Product Application

  (1)Do credit management with breaking through geographical restrictions.

  Credit Information Exchange and Sharing Platform focuses on the credit information of each main subject in the society, organizing the fragmentation information in each region to credit information collections, which could provide solutions to management problems brought by the population, material, capital mobility between different regions.

  (2) Know credit situation at a glance

  Credit Information Exchange and Sharing Platform extracts key credit information required for the development of the industry, such as industry policy change, business practitioners’ credit rating, practitioners’ credit status, etc. To form a standardized data package, in order to achieve the optimal allocation of credit information resources.

  (3) Collaborative supervision of credit subjects

  As the main body of social interoperability and exchange of credit information, Credit Information Exchange and Sharing Platform provide technical support and services in exchange for credit information. It could achieve credit constraints, Joint excitation of faith and joint discipline of breaking faith, to solve the problem of collaborative supervision, and to build an interconnection supervision network where “ Break faith once, limit everywhere”.

  (4) Dynamic analysis of credit information

  Credit Information Exchange and Sharing Platform can clearly show the process of information exchange among the main social subjects, to define the boundary between departments and to grasp the evolution of data, which could provide data support to do credit regulation and to solve the problem of dynamic management for all departments and regions.