Credit Information Service Platform

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  1. Product Overview

  (1) Product Definition

  Credit information public service platform is such a platform where the credit subject provides credit information analysis and credit rating, credit inquiry, credit blacklist publicity and other related products and services to the public, and publicizes its credit. Through the application of this public service platform, the social value of the credit information publicity content can be improved. In addition, it is an important network carrier for the realization of the social credit management.

  (2)Product Application

  a. To serve the release of the credit laws and regulations, policies and regulations, standards by the government.

  b. To serve the release and publicity of the credit information of each credit subject, as well as the warning to the dishonesty subject by the government.

  c. To serve the searching of all kinds of credit information of each credit subject by the public, including registration, permit approval, annual reports, administrative punishment, sampling results, operating abnormal states and other information.

  d. To serve the interaction and feedback to the credit information among the government and the public, and the acceptance of the disagreements on the publicity content and the subsequent disposal, guiding the public to establish the sense of integrity.

  2. Product logic diagram