Municipal Credit Management System Construction

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  1. Product Overview

  (1) Product Definition

  Municipal credit management system construction use credit management system construction planning, action plan, implementation plan, system and mechanism as top-level design. It uses the credit records of all city members as the basis of credit files to form the city credit management database.

  Under the administration of the government, the management products, which use the credibility of urban social members as matrix and are supported by credit information products, will be implemented in the scope of business activities of all members of society.

  (2) Product Application

  a. Municipal credit management system construction will innovate city credit management mode, offer municipal system construction top-level design for the government, and help governments introduce credit management into their city management and convert to service-oriented governments.

  b. Municipal credit management system construction will break barriers between different fields and promote the information circulation. It will offer “one database and three platforms” and credit information products for governments, enterprises, institutions and other social organizations. It will help realize credit information and data standardization, help reduce information asymmetry, prevent credit risks and promote information circulation.

  c. Municipal credit management system construction will create honesty and credibility environment for the society. It will offer credit information services for governments, enterprises, institutions, other social organizations and natural person and help these subjects reduce credit defaults to create a creditworthy society for all.

  (3) Product Function

  a. Municipal credit management system construction will apply the theory of “Society-scoped Credibility Management and Credibility-based Social Management” to construct the municipal credit system and it can help improve the municipal credit management level with the combination of theory and practice.

  b. Municipal credit management system construction makes credit supervision become a new tool to conduct city’s management by constructing the credit supervision system.

  c. By fulfilling the common demands of city credit system construction, municipal management credit system construction can create characteristic credit management products.

  2. Product logic diagram


  3. Product Application

  (1) Macro-level

  Municipal credit management system top-level design includes municipal credit management system construction planning, action plan, implementation plan, system and mechanism. It will strengthen the standardization of credit information management to supervise, reward and punish with credit information at the core.

  (2) Meson-level

  “One database and three platforms” include credit information database, credit information sharing and exchanging platform, credit management platform and credit information service platform. By collecting the municipal credit information, it will realize the interconnection of municipal credit information.

  (3) Micro-level

  The micro-level products include credit records + credit reports, credibility rating, performance rating, borrowing rating and comprehensive credit rating. Credit information products will store original credit information of market subjects and practitioners for credit screening to evaluate credit risks and status of market subjects.