Ningbo News: Ningbo experience was warmly received at World Credit Rating Forum in Beijing

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Wang Renzhou, Vice Mayor of Ningbo, spoke at the panel discussion on ‘the Importance to the World of Building China’s Credit System’

       China Ningbo News (Yu Yongjun) - Today, the World Credit Rating Forum was held jointly by the Universal Credit Rating Group and the Dagong Global Credit Rating Group in Beijing. The Forum in this year choose Credit Rating and the Global Economy as the main theme, and the guests in attendance discussed mainly 4 topics: ‘the Impact of Credit Ratings on the Global Economy’, ‘New Model for Linking Ratings with Capital Flows along Belt and Road Economies’, ‘Forecasting of the Second Global Credit Crisis’, and ‘the Importance to the world of Building China’s Credit System’.

       Wang Renzhou, Vice Mayor of Ningbo City, attended the Forum and participated in the high-end discussion on ‘the Importance to the World of Building China’s Credit System’. Mr. Wang shared the experience of credit system development in Ningbo, including development of regime n and platforms, data integration, information disclosure and credit application. He also shared Ningbo’s experience in helping relieve financing difficulties confronting medium, small and micro enterprises through public credit information platform, inclusive financial credit platform and innovation interaction between banks and tax bureau.
       Mr. Wang pointed out that the social credit system is the cornerstone of the market economy. It is important for government and market to jointly promote the establishment of a credit system without delay during the critical period of social and economic transformation and upgrading. In the process, we should break down departmental and industrial barriers, establish a uniform platform for credit information exchanges, strengthen the sharing and interconnectivity of public service information, and use big data to strengthen the services and regulation for market players. His ideas were warmly received at the Forum. After the conference, Mr. Wang was further reported by multiple media.
       Panel discussion on ‘the Importance to the World of Building China’s Credit System’

       The World Credit Rating Forum received broad attention from the international community. The Forum was attended by Vice Director of the National Development and Reform Commission Lian Weiliang, former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, former Prime Minister of Pakistan Shaukat Aziz, and other high-ranking officials, and experts and scholars in the credit rating sector from more than 30 countries.