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        On July 18th, 2016, the World Credit Rating Forum was held in Beijing. The Forum was jointly held by the Universal Credit Rating Group and the Dagong Global Credit Rating Group. Lian Weiliang, Vice Director of the National Development and Reform Commission attended and spoke at the Forum.

       Mr. Lian pointed out that the credit system as the core of the new regulatory system, plays an increasingly important role in the current economic transformation and upgrading of China’s economy. Credit ratings are becoming an important factor in the establishment of China’s credit system. The domestic rating sector requires standardization and expansion. The current economic development has brought the credit rating industry a broad development space, and the credit rating industry is undergoing rapid growth. To expedite this sector’s growth, the self-improvement of rating agencies is necessary. These agencies need to improve their talent fostering systems and raise their capacity in theoretical and technical credit research. In this manner, they can raise their core competitiveness and gain recognition in the international arena.
       He emphasized that it is necessary to closely follow the Going Global strategy and the Belt and Road Initiative to expedite the development of China’s credit rating sector. Specifically, international cooperation and exchanges need to be expanded to share resources, complement the advantages of counterparts, and expand the utilization of credit ratings in foreign investments, international trade, production capacity cooperation, and other fields, in order to boost the sector’s service capacity.
Lian Weiliang, Vice Director of the National Development and Reform Commission

       There were also other guests attending the Forum, including Mr. Villepin (Chairman of the IAC and former French Prime Minister), Mr. Toledo (former President of Peru), Mr. Aziz (former Prime Minister of Pakistan), and Mr. Ivanov (former Foreign Minister of Russia) and other high-ranking officials, economic experts and scholars, and representatives of financial institutions and media in China and abroad.

       The Forum chose ‘Credit Rating and the Global Economy’ as the main theme, and the discussion focused on 4 topics: ‘the Impact of Credit Ratings on the Global Economy’, ‘New Model for Linking Ratings with Capital Flows along Belt and Road Economies’, ‘Forecasting of the Second Global Credit Crisis ‘, and ‘the Importance to the World of Building China’s Credit System’. The political and economic experts in attendance reached a consensus that credit ratings should be absorbed in the global economic management system.