Yichun government website: Mayor Li Kun, and Dagong Group Chairman Guan Jianzhong talk in Beijing on promoting bilateral cooperation

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       On June 27th, 2016 after 2016 China•Heilongjiang - Singapore (Beijing) Economic and Trade Cooperation and Exchanges, Mayor Li Kun and Dagong Group Chairman Guan Jianzhong held a special meeting for promoting bilateral cooperation.

       Mr. Li stated that cooperating with Dagong Group in creating a new mode of credit governance in Yichun was coincident with the spirit of the No.6 Document issued by the CPC Central Committee. It is of great importance to form a system guiding, piloting and convoying the development of the credit system. Building platforms for attracting capital and connecting resources and capital to introduce large-amount external investments is significant to promoting reform, transformation and development in Yichun’s forest region. Since Dagong Group’s entry to Yichun at the end of 2015, bilateral cooperation has experienced substantial progress. At present, with the visit by President Xi Jinping to Yichun, the cooperation between Dagong and Yichun has led this city into a new historical phase. The mission of the cooperation is historic, bringing about valuable but rare opportunities. In the next step, the Yichun government will put more energy in optimizing innovative models and accelerating the development of the credit system jointly with Dagong, while building Yichun’s credit culture, so that the new governance model will better lead and serve the transformation.

       Mr. Li said that Dagong Group has decided to hold Dagong-Yichun Investment and Financing Service Forum and Innovation of Credit-based Economic Model Forum and the First Session of Senior Credit Academic Workshop in Yichun this year. These events would help to promote the exchanges of theories on credit governance and the development of credit culture, which are also good opportunities to gather entrepreneurs in Yichun and promote the city’s name to seek cooperation. Yichun Municipal Government will fully support the two events, and hopes that this city will be a permanent choice for Dagong’s high-end international activities.

       Chairman Guan said that credit governance was a brand new idea based on market-oriented selection. It is extraordinary for Yichun, an underdeveloped remote area, to form such an insight. Solving problems with the mind beyond the current context requires courage and wisdom. At the beginning, the cooperation was limited in serving the local governments in establishing a credit reference system; now it has indeed become a strategic task to combine Dagong’s services with the city’s transformation and to pilot and convoy the credit system establishment. This task is also about selecting an innovation model. Dagong has always attached great attention to the cooperation with Yichun. Dagong has sent an outstanding team, and through a great deal of efforts, has achieved substantial progress. The next step is to further strengthen cooperation and select the best innovation model, in order to build a Yichun model of credit governance with feasible cases. By improving the credit environment, developing the credit platform and promoting the model of credit governance, Yichun will gain better access to the capital market, become more appealing to external investment and get the support at the level of national policy. In this way, Yichun’s green transformation will materially facilitated, which will well interpret President Xi’s idea that "the well-protected ecological environment is the treasure; so is true in a snow-covered land".
The two sides also studied and discussed issues including credit enhancement, project package cooperation, policy support at the national level, and so on.

       The meeting was also attended by Zhao Xiaofeng, member of the CPC Municipal Standing Committee and executive Vice-Mayor, Wang Huide, Secretary General of Yichun Municipal Government, officials in charge of Yichun Commission of Development and Reform, Financial Bureau, Urban Investment and Construction Office and Youhao District, as well as managers from the company of Huadian Xing’anhui.