Publicity Department of Wuxi CPC Municipal Committee: the 3rd Session of 2016 Liangxi Lecture was opened

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        The 3rd Session of 2016 Liangxi Lecture was held on April 28th, 2016. Mr. Guan Jianzhong, Chairman of the Dagong Global Credit Rating Group, delivered a speech entitled Revolution in the Model of Credit-based Economic and Social Management at the Session. Cao Jiazhong, Wang Xinan and other leaders of the Wuxi Municipal Government also attended the Session.

       Chairman Guan has long been engaged in the research of credit economics and the research and management of credit rating techniques. He has made great contributions to innovate the rating theory and reforming the international rating system. For his contributions, Chairman Guan has been rated as an expert receiving special government allowances by the State Council. In his report, he focused on credit, and interpreted in detail the historical mission of changing the model of managing credit-based economic and social activities. Additionally, he elaborated on the blueprint of establishing China’s credit system, and the strategies to further promote the establishment of the credit system in the new period. This report has provided an important guidance for the city’s development into a national example of credit development and one of high credibility.