Building a Credit System Needs a Clear Guideline

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 Building a Credit System Needs a Clear Guideline

  Guan Jianzhong

  26th September 2016

  Following the leadership of the Communist Party of China, Chinese people are reforming the public governance model in the era of a credit-based economy featuring a credit system, which is a pioneering movement in the history of the development of our society. Till now, there has not been a country advocating keeping record of the credit information of every member in the society. Based on the cases in which credit information is applied in the national economic management and development, Western countries’ achievements in the field of social credit management is only limited to the credit information in particular fields. Therefore, there is little can be used as reference for our social management model. Building China’s credit system needs to follow the rules of the development of a credit-based society. Meanwhile, the building process is also in need of principles, scientific facts, goals, contents, systems, effective methods and clear guidelines. Blueprint for Building China’s Credit System (the Blueprint) answers the call of this era.

  The motivation of the Blueprint lies in Dagong’s core value of responsibility and development, which is demonstrated by the strategy of developing the national brand through international expansion. To shoulder the rating responsibility for the national revival and share Chinese insights on ratings with the world are essential to this strategy. They require Dagong to study the underlying laws, discover the logic, design patterns, and use them as guidelines for thought and action. These guidelines makes Dagong’s involvement different in paying close attention to, engaging in and studying the credit system.

  The Blueprint origins from practices. The global credit crisis in 2008 sets a millstone in the development of the credit-based economic society. In the process of studying this major crisis, Dagong builds its principles for the credit-based economy and gains experiences in observing current socio-economic phenomenon. China’s rise is not only the miracle of our society’s development, but also the results of advancing the credit-based economic society. Such significant achievements from those practices bring Society-scoped Credibility Management and Credibility-based Social Management into being, revealing the laws of building a credit system. The building process led by China is a great practice of exploring the management model of a credit-based economic society. The experiences and lessons learned from such practices offer Dagong a chance to depict the laws and publish the Blueprint.

  The core of the Blueprint are as follows:

  Setting credit-based society utilizing credit information products as a goal, demonstrating its structure and pattern according to the laws of credit information; Designing a model conducting industrial analysis and production and an intellectual exchange map under the circumstance that the credit information’s connectivity caters to the credit-based society management; Putting forwards a blueprint for system and mechanism; Credit education is the infrastructure for building a credit system.

  The meaning of the Blueprint:

  1) Credibility-scoped economic relations result from society-scoped credit relations. From such perspective, it is the first time that we find out the nature of social management in the era of credit-based economy is the management of social credit. Subsequently, the principles of the credit system theories are built, which provides guidance to the Blueprint.

  2) For the first time, it reveals that the goal of building a credit system is to build a social credit management system which calculates, analyzes and utilizes the members’ credit information. Therefore, the credit-based society is managed. The Blueprint also provides a clear direction for the reform of society management model.

  3) For the first time, it infers the core of building a credit system is to bring forward the production and consumption of credit information. All other relevant elements serve to satisfy the demand of the core. Meanwhile, the Blueprint emphases that the key contents of the building process.

  4) For the first time, it depicts the panorama of building a social credit system, providing principles for the practices.

  The Blueprint is the conclusion for both the development of a credit-based economic society and the practices of building a social credit system. It is also a blueprint for the credit society management model guided by the conception of Society-scoped credibility management and credibility-based social management. It gives specific direction for every step along the building process and deals with the problems occurred. The profound meaning and advanced insights conferred by the Blueprint can be compared to a guiding light for building the credit system.