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Dagong Credit System Building Pattern

 Introduction of Dagong Credit System Building Pattern

  Dagong Credit System Building Pattern is established on the basis of China’s National Social Credit System Building Plan. Guided by the Blueprint of Building China’s Credit System, it is dedicated to serving for the transformation of modern social governance, pushing economic reform, under the consideration of the features of cities, industries, enterprises, villages, key populations, internet and various dimensions of required features for the building of credit system. Under a combination between government and credit information service bodies, and accompanied with the joint venture firms, the credit management matrix could be covered by all social scenes. Its core contents include the following several dimensions:

  1、 By using China National Social Credit System Building Plan as policy guidance, by using Society-scoped Credibility Management and Credibility-based Social Management as theoretical guidance.

  2、By serving on transformation of modern social governance and economic reform as ultimate goal, Dagong Credit Building Pattern is to record and take use of credit information system and mechanism of members in the society and their relative activities. By managing members in the society via their conduct information, realize a historic reformation of economy and social governance, stabilize national economic basis and superstructure, and integrate the building process into the national governance system.

  3、By forming “government + credit information service agencies” organizational form, and establishing a cooperative working system in terms of responsibilities, authorities and related interests. Government is the responsible subject and professional agencies are the service subject of the building of the credit system. Inner relationships are existed between the two bodies without any integration; their division of responsibility is decided by the essence of the “Society-scoped Credibility Management and Credibility-based Social Management”. Government should apply systematic/mechanism design, publication and implementation of credit information standards, market supervision and cultivation, market guidance and specification etc. Credit information bodies should fully support the building of social credit system with government and as professional assistant in planning, system/mechanism, standards and other credit systematical services.

  4、By establishing joint venture companies as local support for the building of social credit system. Dagong should fully promote local transformation of social governance and development of market economy with government in combining several vital factors including organization, capital, intellect and strength.

  5、By using Blueprint of Building China’s Social Credit System as guidance.

  Dagong Credit Building Pattern has been verified and concluded from theoretical researches and empirical explorations. Under the instruction of the Blueprint, the “Dagong Pattern” has obtained applicable achievements in cities such as Yichun, Wuxi, Ningbo, Yangzhong, Suqian, Dujiangyan, and has provided effective service for transformation of local social governance and development of market economy.