Dagong Credit

       Dagong Credit Information Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dagong Credit") was founded in 2002, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dagong Global Credit Rating Group. The company is dedicated to providing systematic solutions for building the social credit system. It is the largest and most authoritative company providing credit information services in China. Dagong Credit boasts original theories of building the social credit system and credit information methodologies based on the credit engineering methodology, comprehensive credit information technology and credit information service ability. Dagong Credit undertakes the responsibility of being a professional helper to promote the building of a national credit system, with the ability to formulate the social credit information standards, build the social credit system including credit information management, statistics, analysis, supply, exchange, release and other professional services.

      Dagong has systematically designed the blueprint of building China's credit system. It applies digital technology to provide standardized data and build a matrix of credit management for the government, judicial departments, social organizations, enterprises and individuals, and provide systematic services of institutional design and coding, credit information, credit information statistics and audit, credit information database, credit information products and credit education. Based on the Blueprint, Dagong Credit has designed the credit information products for credit information exchanges among all the members of society, including credit record + credit reports, credibility rating, agreement performance rating, borrowing rating and comprehensive credit rating.

  Dagong Credit makes full use of its own scientific research strength and has carried out the strategic deployment in the field of credit education. In 2007, Dagong Credit set up the first credit education academy in China, and founded a credit education union with Peking University and Tianjin University of Finance and Economics. By the end of 2015, the union had 55 members including the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Southwest University of Finance and Economics. Dagong Credit will continue to cooperate with universities by founding more academies to providing professional training of China’s credit talents.

  With the unique theoretical system and product innovation, Dagong Credit is promoting the building of the social credit system covering cities, industries, enterprises and other key areas. On November 6th, 2015, Lian Weiliang, the Vice-director of National Development and Reform Commission, visited Dagong Credit and researched on the social credit system building of Dagong Credit, he gave fully affirmation and highly appraised Dagong Credit’s theoretical innovation and practical exploration in the field of the social credit system building. He signed a memorandum between the Financial Department of the National Development and Reform Committee and Dagong Credit on social credit system building. In June 2016, Dagong Credit became the professional service provider for building the credit system within the electricity industry. In July 2016, Dagong Credit became the provider of professional research services for the Beijing Chaoyang District Development and Reform Commission, Huangshi National Development and Reform Commission, and Chengdu Development and Reform Commission.